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The beach of Quebra Canela is located southwest of the city center and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Cape Verde. It is located in the most neglected area of Porto Alegre, an area whose image has been transformed by immigrants from all over Cape Verde.

It is also the location of the former city center of Porto Alegre, one of the largest cities in the Cape Verde Islands. It flourished until the 1770s, when sustained pirate attacks led the Portuguese to designate nearby Praia as the capital of Cape Verde instead.

The Cape Verde Islands had the status of a Portuguese colony until 1951, when Portugal changed its status to an overseas province and granted full citizenship to all Cape Verdeans. In 1951, the Portuguese changed the status of Cape Verde from a colony to an overseas province and granted all Cape Verdes full Portuguese citizenship and the right to self-determination for their citizens in 1961.

However, the Cape Verdes were allowed to bear more resemblance to Portugal and in 1947 only Portuguese citizens were considered citizens, not all.

The PAIGC was split into two camps, with one faction forming a coalition to take power in Cape Verde and the other in Portugal. This led to the Cape Verde Islands giving in to unification and entering into a new union with Portugal under the banner of the Portuguese People's Party for the Liberation of Portugal (PPP).

Although the official language of Cape Verde is Portuguese, Cape Verde also speaks a unique Creole dialect. This mix of Portuguese and African, which is the native language of Cape Verde, is appreciated by the majority of people in the country and in other parts of Africa. Portuguese is also the most widely spoken language on the island, accounting for about 80% of the population, and the second most popular language in Africa after Portuguese and English.

Santiago, the largest island of Cape Verde, is the economic center of the country and also the most important tourist center of the country. Porto Alegre, the second largest city on the island and home to the largest population in the world, has also been its capital for more than a century.

One of the best ways to get a feel for Cape Verde culture is to visit the thriving market square in the centre of Praia. The main street, "Praia Plateau," also houses several souvenir shops selling Cape Verde products such as souvenirs, clothing, jewelry and other items. Walking through the main streets of Porto Alegre, the second largest city on the island, you will see many residents of Capeverde doing business in their local markets.

When it comes to tasting delicious Cape Verde food, Praia is the best choice for the best selection of local and imported food. Imported olives from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world are also very popular.

The main tourist island is Sal Boa Vista, while Sao Vicente is Mindelo to the north and the cultural capital of Cabo Verdes. Among the best places to hear the typical poetic and melancholic sounds are the village of Praia, the city of Sao Vitoria and the city of Rio Grande

Morna is a traditional type of music that came to Cape Verde and was made famous by Cesaria Evora. There is also Sao Tiago, where one of the most famous musicians in the world lives, Antonio Vicente Lopes, better known as Travadinha, and Ildo Lobo, who died in 2004. Evaristo Marques, 75, who was born in the capital Praia in Cape Verde, now sees himself retired and no longer lives elsewhere.

He concluded that a relationship similar to that between Cape Verde and Portugal is far from being a reality. What I know about Santiago and Cape Verde is that the island is so small that many interesting places in Praia are within easy reach. If you visit Cape Verde, you must reach the islands of the nation by car or plane. You can fly to Sao Tiago with the national airline TACV, which is available from Lisbon, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Lisbon and Sao Paolo.

For visitors from Europe, flights are available from Lisbon, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Lisbon and Sao Paolo. Your holiday in Cape Verde will be an escape to a true tropical paradise, but do not take my word for granted. See some of the fantastic things to do in Praia and Cape Verde and why this place should be high on your bucket list. If you fly from Praoia, Cape Verde will have given you many experiences that you will share with your friends and family back home. On the way, our guide will also tell you some interesting facts about the island and its people, which will surprise you.

More About Praia

More About Praia