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Recife is the city in Brazil with the most shark attacks, but that doesn't make it a bad tourist destination. The beach in the Boa Viagem district is considered the "sharkiest water in the world," but is actually one of the main attractions of this city and should definitely be on the list. The carnival celebrations in Recifeas are among the best in a quiet and secluded location, and the beach of the same name is popular and lined with gardens. Guests staying at Serrambi Resort, located approximately 80 km south of Recife and near Porto Galinhas, will find a number of great restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and hotels as well as hotels and resorts.

The Boa Viagem Hotel is located in the heart of Recife, about 80 km south of the city centre. The 195-room, 4-star hotel is located right on the beach with stunning views of Rio de Janeiro, and today's adventurers can take Ibis from both Recife and Bo a Viagem. This Recife hotel offers a laundry service for those outside the hotel, as well as a restaurant and bar.

All three are located in the south of Recife and Piedade Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Rio de Janeiro. Staying at the Summerville Beach Resort in Ipojuca, you get half the price and can be on the beach with breathtaking views of Rio, the city center and the Rio Grande do Sul.

About 15 km away is Saint Augustine, known as the first town built by Europeans and where the colonization of the Cape Verde Islands began. It is located forty kilometers from Recife and is known for its beautiful beaches, beautiful architecture and good food and drink. Saint-Augustine has a museum that lives up to its history and gilded history of adventurous tug-of-war. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Brazil, located in the south of Rio de Janeiro, and boasts some of the best hotels and restaurants as well as great beaches.

We are # We have all the information you need to make the most of your trip to Brazil without skipping lines, with our guide to the best hotels, restaurants and hotels in Rio de Janeiro.

The 4-star Mercure Recife Navegantes offers air-conditioned rooms with minibar and microwave. If you are looking for a place near the water in Recifas, you should choose one of the many hotels in the city, such as the Hotel de Recifas de Rio de Janeiro. Try this beach hotel in Recifa, which serves a highly rated breakfast, and discover the best beaches in Rio, as well as some of Brazil's best restaurants and bars.

Located in the heart of Recifas, with a breathtaking view of the Rio de Janeiro River, it has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere in which to behave yourself.

Piedade Beach Urban is located in JaboatAPSo dos Guararapes, which forms the border south of Recife. Boa Viagem is about 7 km long from end to end, stretching from Pina in the north to Piedades beach in the south. This is the first of the "Recife" of Brazil and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Rio de Janeiro with its beautiful beaches and beautiful scenery.

If you're planning a visit to Coroa do Aviao beach, have a look at our itinerary to Recife to see what else you can see and do during your holiday. If you prefer a beach, visit the nightlife in Natal or Ponta Negra, or take a trip to Xareu Beach in southern Rio de Janeiro or the city of Sao Paulo. In Salvador, you should visit some cities throughout the country, except Rio, and find out who else is worth visiting by using our Recife route page.

Visit the markets of the plateau and walk through the gardens to reach Gomes de Sao Paulo, one of Brazil's most popular tourist attractions.

The high-rise buildings around the beach of Recife seem old, but they certainly don't deter people from sitting on the beach. But there's nothing wrong with going down to one of the city's most popular beaches and enjoying the sunset.

Located in the heart of Recife, just a few blocks from the city's most popular beaches and a short walk from one of Brazil's best beaches.

The other popular attraction, Cupe Beach, is a few miles (3 km) away, and a short walk from Summerville Beach Resort is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city of Recife. If you are looking for a more touristy but peaceful place, the Praia Cape Verde Accor Hotel is just a few blocks away.

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