Praia Cape Verde Intercontinental Hotel

Following a total investment of 70 million euros, RIU Hotels has opened the Riu Palace Boavista, the first hotel of its kind in Portugal, following in the footsteps of the other two hotels, the Praia Cape Verde Intercontinental Hotel and the Royal Palace Hotel. Offering a mix of modern, modern and contemporary amenities, as well as a variety of restaurants and bars, the hotel will open at the end of this year, with an opening date of October 2016.

The new hotel will be equipped with a mix of modern, modern and contemporary amenities, such as restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, a spa, children's clubs for children and spa treatments for adults.

The Riu Palace Boavista has 505 rooms and is fully equipped with a restaurant with bar, a spa and a children's club for children and adults. The hotel also offers a wide range of restaurants, bars, shops, cafés and cafés, as well as a large number of private rooms. At the bar of the Riu Palace BoAVista you can find a wide selection of cocktails, beers, wines, spirits and other drinks such as vodka, gin, vodka and wine.

The Riu Palace Hotel has been designed to satisfy the most demanding tastes and needs. The main restaurant in Africa offers a wide and varied buffet with live food and is complemented by the Sai Rei restaurant, which serves classic steakhouse dishes in the evening.

Respect for the environment and local culture and environment has led the RIU project and made the Riu Palace Hotel the first of its kind in Africa. The RI U Group has also developed plans for a major metropolis, where it plans to open the Riu Plaza city hotel.

When we built the first hotel in 2005, nobody expected the destination to be this successful and we faced all sorts of logistical and infrastructural challenges that we faced with the experience gained in developing the tourism industry in Cape Verde. RIU is committed to this goal, building five hotels that together have more than 1,000 directly employed members of the RI U Group. The total investment on the island amounts to over 340 million euros and RIU CapeVerde Hotels receive more than 235,000 guests each year.

The CEO of RIU Hotels, Luis Riu, sees enormous potential in the destination, because people from all corners of the island radiate charisma and happiness. We can now say that we have an excellent professional team that more than compensates itself with its enthusiasm and willingness to learn. This fills us with satisfaction and renews our determination to continue to work for Boa Vista Cape Verde, "Luis riu explains. RI U came to Cape Verde in 2005, when the current "Riu Funana" opened on the island of Sal and just over a year later opened its second hotel, the "RIU Palace Cabo Verdes," which today bears the name of its first guest house.

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