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As more people than ever fly out to enjoy the famous Cape Verde winter sun, you can see some of the incredible things you can do as the sun sets over Sal Island. Praia de Chaves Boa Vista is a great place to relax on the kite beach at Sal, popular with kitesurfers. Holidaymakers looking for a fun-filled holiday in the Cape Verde Islands will find an oasis of peace in Sal, with a variety of beaches, beaches and resorts to choose from, all within a short drive of the capital Rio de Janeiro.

Although Sal is a regular part of the windsurfing championship, the most famous wave in Cape Verde is in Praia de Chaves Boa Vista, home to some of the best kitesurfers in the world, with a variety of backwave and kitesurfing surf courses and a range of other activities.

A day trip here is a must - take if you visit Praia, Santiago or Cape Verde, and it is one of the most popular night life destinations in the world.

If you like adventure and hiking, you should visit the Serra de Malagueta in Cape Verde. On the island of Fogo, travelers can climb the active volcano, which is one of the highlights of any Cape Verde vacation. If you want to stay dry, hiking around Cape Verde can be a year of joy, and there are flights for visitors from Europe. Capeverde vacation will be an escape to a true tropical paradise with its beautiful beaches, beautiful mountains and amazing beaches.

Boa Vista is the third largest island in the group and is located on the east side of the Cape Verde Islands. The main tourist islands are Sal and Boa Vista, while Mindelo and Sao Vicente are the cultural capitals of Caverda. To the north is Sao Vicente, home to Mindelo, the largest city in Capeverde and the second largest city in Brazil.

In addition to the aforementioned Santiago and Sal, the oldest colonies of the Cape Verde Archipelago behave like other islands where new experiences, tastes and emotions can be experienced. If you are in town, you have to visit another must see - Mindelo in Cape Verde on the island of San Vicente. As part of the Macaronesia ecoregion, Capeverde is the largest archipelago in South America and the second largest in Africa.

Santiago, the largest island of Cape Verde, is the economic center of the country and its capital is also the most important tourist center of the country. The main street of Praia Plateau also houses several souvenir shops selling Cape Verde products such as souvenirs, clothing, jewelry and other items.

If you are looking for more information on where to eat in Praia, be sure to read our guide to the best restaurants in the city and the most popular restaurants on the plateau. On the way, the guide will also introduce you to some of the amazing gastronomic options and places that will surprise you. When it comes to tasting delicious food from Cape Verde, Praa is the best choice, especially for those who have a passion for food.

Americans planning to visit Cabo Verde should read our updated information on the best hotels and restaurants in Praia as well as our guide to the most popular hotels in the city. Read our Cape Verde dating guide to help you pick up a girl from Cabe Vertean and connect with local women in Cape Verde, where to find sex and how to settle in Cape Verde, Africa.

If you want to discover more hidden gems in Praia and Santiago, be sure to check out our guide to the best hotels and restaurants in the city, as well as the most popular hotels in Cape Verde. Check out the list of fantastic things to do in and around Praianas CapeVerde and why this place should be at the top of your travel bucket list. Don't take our word for it, there are many great travel insurance policies for your trip to Cape Verde, but make sure you take out your Cape Verde travel insurance in advance.

If you are only concerned with getting in touch with Cape Verde girls and other tourists during your stay in the city, you should stick to Mindelo, Sao Vicente and Santa Maria. Stay calm and let yourself be appreciated, which is a great way to actually talk to CapeVerde girls or other travelers in the communities where you live. Rent an Uber, a taxi or other private taxi if you want to move around, but don't stay too long in Praia or Santiago, as you can get overrun by the city.

If you only care to talk to the girls of Cape Verde in the towns where you live, stay in Mindelo, Sao Vicente or even Santa Maria. If you are in love and make love to lure the girl from Cape Verde or other tourists to your city, you should stay in Praia or Santiago but not stay too long there, as all they care about is that you talk to them at some point while you are in town. Try to talk to the girls and other travellers in Mindelos, SantaMaria and Sao Vincenzo, all of whom live outside the cities.

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More About Praia