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It has been almost 2 years since I visited Cape Verde and my long stay in the Cape Verde Archipelago has allowed me to create a lot of content about travelling in this archipelago and to develop a love for Creole culture.

I hope this guide to the activities in Cape Verde will help you plan your holiday. Forget the local community if you plan to stay in a CapeVerde All Inclusive Hotel.

After the popularity of kitesurfing, windsurfing is the most popular water sport in Cape Verde and once again benefits from the ideal wind conditions on many beaches from Sal to Boa Vista. It is tailor-made for beginners and experienced holidaymakers, but if you are looking for a family holiday or a short break for two, you can behave and enjoy one of the 10 unique attractions of the island.

One of the first sports to be brought to the island was tennis and golf, which were brought along by British passengers visiting Cape Verde. Kitesurfing, sailing and windsurfing became popular and dramatically increased in the 1990s and 2000s, but it is back on the waves and has become an everyday sport that surpasses the archipelago as the most popular water sport for both beginners and experienced surfers. Cricket was one of the first sports to come to Cape Verde from the islands of Sao Vicente, and kitesurfing is the second wave. It started as a popular sport in South Africa in the early 20th century and has increased dramatically since 1990 - 2000.

The island also has a league called Sao Vicente Island League, it is the oldest in Cape Verde and had initially only football, but later basketball, volleyball, athletics and now futsal. The most popular of these sports is football, with a number of clubs such as Sporting Praia, Sporting Lisbon and Mindelense. In the early 1990s, after Cape Verde had become a member of the CAF, Sporting Praia was the first club to compete at African level. And today they are among the top five clubs in Cape Verde. At the same time, they were, and still are, one of these clubs in the late 1990s and early 2000s, before Capeverde joined the CAF.

Sal. was only about 2,000 at the time and the football activities were the least developed in Cape Verde, except in Brava, but not in Praia.

The city is not tourist oriented, but there is still much to discover, and you can find a lot of great restaurants, bars, shops, hotels and other tourist attractions in Praia. Do not forget to visit WikiTravel CapeVerde for more information about tourism in Cape Verde. All accommodation details, including telephone number, are listed on the booking confirmation.

With all the above activities in Praia, there is no doubt that to have a complete idea of Cape Verde, you have to experience real life on the ground. To make the most of your time, read our guide, which will introduce you to the locals and hidden gems. Do you wish you knew more about where you live and what you should do in Cape Verde before you go to Cape Verde?

If you go into the water for the fun, you will be glad to know that Cape Verde offers great diving and snorkeling opportunities. It also offers some of the best shark fishing in the world, so don't behave yourself and leave the shore without making the most of it. One of the most popular activities that anglers do in the Cape Verde Islands is surfing, which is not just for small fishing.

The main tourist islands are Sal and Boa Vista, while Mindelo and Sao Vicente are the cultural capitals of Cabo Verde. The people and culture of Cape Verde are very different from those of other parts of Africa, such as the Caribbean or South America, and in my humble opinion this is the best thing to do. Cape Verde Creole is still the dominant language in Cape Verde, as almost all inhabitants with knowledge of this language behave. You can learn Creole culture from the locals, especially in the local cultural center in Sal, or in the town of Sal - Boas - Vista.

Sao Vicente is home to one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cape Verde, welcoming thousands of visitors from all over the archipelago as well as tourists from other countries.

Resort Group PLC returns to Cape Verde for the second year in a row as host of the world's largest kite surfing event, the World Kite Tour, and is pleased to continue supporting an event that brings the best of both worlds - kitesurfing and the archipelago's tourism industry. With a strong focus on developing new and exciting events like this, we are proud to be able to promote and support the islands on the world stage.

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More About Praia